Combining University life with chasing the Olympic dream: Ireland’s Cormac Comerford

Determination to reach his goal has seen Ireland's Cormac Comerford chase his dream. Many thanks to Skicenter.IT for their help in sponsoring this..

A mad weekend of ski racing. Bournemouth & Dublin in one weekend.

The lengths that some folk go to attend a ski race! Do you have a better story about racing and the journey you took to make it happen?

Norris looks back at what is needed after World Cup experience

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Gower and Baggio take wins in Reiteralm, Henderson & Norris start EC Careers

Jack Gower produced a solid performance to win the first of two CIT races in Reiteralm on on..

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Ireland - the end of the summer but what a way to finish it!

The Irish Championships are always a great way to finish off the serious end of the dry slope races. Great hospitality is laid on by the folk at a..