A mad weekend of ski racing. Bournemouth & Dublin in one weekend.

The first part of this extraordinary weekend of racing was an easy 20-minute drive to Snowtrax for the last race of the Snowsport South calendar.

Arrived at Snowtrax just before 7am and set up for the race, weather was perfect for a day’s racing.

Time for the race to begin, after a couple hiccups at the start and quick change of race equipment, we’re off. The 3 timed runs were over in a flash, then on to the afternoon head to heads, fun & club teams. The day went without a hitch, time to sort out the end of day results including the medals. Abigail finishes 3rd and Daisy finished 4th on the day in U14’s.

Whilst these results are being announced l do a quick calculation in sorting out the end of season results, with that Abigail finishes 3rd & Daisy 4th overall U14’s. All done and finished by 5pm great result now for the epic road trip. You may ask why we didn’t fly, we would have if we had got a cheap deal. We said we’d do Sunday in Dublin along as it cost less than £200 to get there, £189 to be exact.

Off we go 4 pairs of skies, 2 boots bags and a few snacks squeezed into a small hatchback, sat nav says we will reach Fishguard by 10pm great result. Nice easy drive to start off with good weather, we reach Wales, time for a quick driver change and back on the road lashing it down conditions are horrendous, are we mad! We arrive in Fishguard at 10.30pm only to be told the ferry will be hour late, all we want is a bed to get our head down on. Finally, at, 1am we board the ferry, time for bed.

The ferry makes good time and we arrive in Rosslare at 4.30am. Now for a casual drive up to Kilternan, with a quick stop at Macdonald’s a ski racers perfect breakfast. Arrive at slope at 7am, time for the girls to prepare for the days racing and their aim, to lower their “O”Bart points. The girls both put in solid first runs, Abigail 4th and Daisy 6th Overall. Now for an interesting 2nd run, 2 cracking runs by both girls, helping them to finish 1st & 2nd in U14 category and 4th & 5th overall. Great skiing by the girls to achieve their goals for the year. After prize giving a casual drive to Rosslare for a 6.15pm Ferry to Fishguard. Arrive in Fishguard at 9.15pm and now for final mad drive home, getting home at 2am Monday morning. Manic weekend

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