Swiss-Ski and Sunrise UPC start their partnership

Sunrise UPC has been the new Main Partner of Swiss-Ski since 1 May 2022. The long-term and very broad-based commitment of the telecommunications company pursues the goal of sustainably advancing the entire snow sport – from the Swiss World Cup events to competitive, junior and popular sports to promotion in the regions.

Sunrise UPC and Swiss-Ski want to further develop snow sports as a whole, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and further strengthening Switzerland's position as one of the leading winter sports nations. With new services, for example in the areas of ticketing, streaming and gaming, the overall experience for the fans is to be improved. Athletes, clubs and young talent will also benefit from new digital solutions.

"I am convinced that thanks to the enormous breadth of commitment, we will achieve and achieve a great deal together in these ten years. The more long-term we can plan, the more sustainably we can maintain or improve our very high level of performance in all areas," says Bernhard Aregger, CEO of Swiss-Ski. "Thanks to our long-term approach, we can tackle innovative projects that may not be able to be finally implemented until three to four years from now."

André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC, adds: "Our partnership with Swiss-Ski is about much more than simple sponsoring: we want to make an important contribution to the future success of Swiss snow sports."

Already in May, the athletes will receive the off-snow clothing for the first time with the Sunrise logo. Everyone is also looking forward to the most emotional topic – the new ski racing dress. The new design is called "Levada", which is Romanesque and means sunrise as well as "getting up again and again". More on this will be announced in the summer.

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