Swiss-Ski launches comprehensive partnership with Swiss sports brand On

For Swiss-Ski and the Swiss Ski Pool, a new era is beginning in terms of equipment. With the start of the new season, the Swiss brand On is equipping the teams of all eleven Swiss-Ski snow sports with off-snow training clothing and boots for physical training, running and sports lifestyle.

At the heart of Swiss-Ski's new comprehensive partnership with On are the athletes and the focus on the best material for the respective off-snow training in the individual sports. Swiss-Ski has been working successfully with the Swiss company based in Zurich for several years; since 2018, On Schuhausrüster has been a supplier in the Nordic sports of cross-country skiing, Nordic combined, ski jumping and biathlon.

Now On is greatly expanding its commitment to the ski association and is the supplier of off-snow training clothing and boots for all athletes and staff members until at least 2026. In addition to equipping him with shoes and clothing for the summer training sessions, On also supports the approximately 300 squad athletes with his great expertise in terms of individually optimal running shoes before and during the competition season.

"Our athletes from the fields of alpine skiing, Nordic, ski freestyle, snowboard and telemark have different needs when it comes to their physical training. For us, On is therefore exactly the right equipment partner to meet the diverse requirements for off-snow training clothing and shoes in the best possible way," says Diego Züger, Director of Marketing and Deputy CEO of Swiss-Ski. "We are convinced that together with On we will be able to further develop snow sports in this country, especially since training in summer is the central basis for the respective performance in winter on snow. It is not for nothing that snow sports enthusiasts are made in summer. We are very pleased to go into the future with the successful and popular Swiss sports brand On and to carry Swissness out into the world together."

Marc Maurer, Co-CEO of On, adds: "It makes us particularly proud to equip the athletes from snow sports with products from which they can benefit in preparation for their competitions." According to Maurer, the goal of the partnership is as visionary as it is simple: "We support the extremely successful Swiss-Ski team in what makes it best in addition to winning medals and calling up exceptional sporting achievements: inspiring people to move. With every outstanding performance and every record, but also with every time they get up after a fall, the athletes of Swiss-Ski inspire millions of people. At On, too, the limits of what is feasible are constantly being redefined in order to support the athletes in exceeding their limits."

On and athletes from various Swiss-Ski sports celebrated the beginning of the partnership with a joint social run: VIDEO

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