Norway show the future; Kristoffersen takes Globe

If the permutations were numerous for the Women's Giant Slalom, the permutations for the Men's Slalom were huge. Five racers came into the race with the opportunity to win the last unclaimed Globe of the season and it came down to Henrik Kristoffersen, second last to go on the second run to determine who would win. Kristoffersen admitted that he is more interested in race wins than Globes but he took home the Globe for the third time. Atle Lie McGrath took his second race win with Kristoffersen in second and Manuel Feller in third.

From the moment that Dave Ryding kicked out the start gate for run one, this was a race that promised so much in terms of excitement. Kristoffersen said in his post race interview that this was probably the most exciting season for slalom racing for many a year. He was not wrong.

Five came into the race with the chance to win the Globe and after the first run, one of the group had fallen out. Daniel Yule straddled early on the first run but the other four were all in with a chance. Three Norwegians were at the top of the standings with Braathen in the lead, then Kristoffersen and McGrath in third. In all six Norwegians were in the field of 27.

This was a race that Olympic Champions, World Cup race winners and aspiring stars wanted to win. This was what the World Cup was all about.

run two and conditions were changing any the race. Salarich and then Popov posted strong times. How good the times were were remained to be tested but with each racer the bar rose. It Tok until Manuel Feller from tenth after the first run for Popov's time to be beaten. Salarach had been in stunning form in Garmisch but this was strange race.

Big names including Ryding, Vinatzer, Foss Solevaag and Strasser who had been in contention for the Globe all fell could of the conditions.

This was a race the abused and destroyed the script.

Ski racing is a winter sport but it is also a sport that is affected by the conditions.

With ten to go Feller took the lead from Popov. With this Feller had one hand on the Slalom Globe. His grasp on the globe slipped when McGrath went into the lead from third. the effect on the Globe was minimal and when Kristoffersen went second the calculators were out to determine who had won the Globe.

Kristoffersen had done enough and the 2022 Slalom globe was his despite what McGrath did.

in the end despite the young pretender wi inning the race, Kristoffersen too the Globe win. When sitting on the leaders chair, Kristoffersen recognised the excitement of the season. So many winners and so many new podium places. This was a season that opened the competition to so many.

Kristoffersen deserved the Globe for his performances in Garmisch. Others could not back yup their wins. The standard of racing on the World Cup slalom tour this season has been immense.

Britain's Dave Ryding finished in 21st after a really impressive first run before the batteries ran out on run two. The support of Major and Taylor this year has been immense in pushing Ryding on to bigger and greater things and extending the career of Ryding. The team work that the three have created has been super impressive in getting better results for all three. It will be a joy to watch in Tignes at the end of the month at the British Championships.

There are young racers and there are experienced racers. The World Cup is an exciting place to be at the moment. Changing of the guard?

See you next season.

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