Weather captures the attention in Bormio delaying proceedings

Weather 1 - FIS Alpine World Cup Super G 0

Despite having swapped the day that the Super G would happened earlier in the proceedings, the weather came in on the rescheduled Super G race day run Bormio and the end result has meant that the whole programme has been pushed back a day.

While the falling snow was scheduled to finish early afternoon, the decision was made to delay the race by 24 hours and push the Downhill back until Wednesday.

Heavy snow falling is the speed race organisers worst nightmare as it takes a long time to clear and you need to clear the whole piste not just the racing line.

It was not unexpected that the snow would fall but the volume of snow and the length of the course means that FIS in conjunction with the local Bormio organisers and other associated partners, the race programme has all been shifted back by 24 hours.

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