Join Olympian Emma Carrick-Anderson for regular fitness sessions-Take control of the controllables!

"I'm not just running 'Fit for Skiing' sessions but what I think of as 'Fit for Life' training," explained past British Slalom Champion and Olympian, Emma Carrick-Anderson. This past 9 months has really challenged the mentally strongest of all of us and Emam has found that keeping herself really fit has helped her tackle some incredibly difficult situations.

"Physical exercise releases wonderful chemicals into the body. These chemicals are called Endorphins and they are the really great, feel good chemicals. The more of these we release, the better we feel and the more we can tackle on a day to day basis. Regular fitness helps reduce sleep, improve your mood, lifts your self esteem, reduces racing thoughts which are often destructive thoughts and it lowers the risk of depression," explained Carrick-Anderson.

"We may feel we are unable to control a lot of what is going on around us just now but one thing I learnt as a full time athlete for 15 years is that we must focus on controlling the controllables. Getting fit and staying fit is a choice we have and something we can take control of," she continued

The sessions are a variety of HIIT (high intensity interval training) which are fun and full of energy, strength training with no equipment just using your body weight, Circuit training working the full body and Abs, Back and Bum sessions.

"Of course all of these sessions are perfect for ski training and my 3 ski racer boys work out with me during all the sessions," she continued.

Weekly times and programmes are posted on her Facebook page, Emma Carrick-Anderson. Drop her a private message or email her at and she will send you the Zoom link.

Emma is asking for contributions please of £5-£8 per session. You can pay per session or in bulk if easier.

"I really hope you can join me," Emma explains.

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