Visit the service guys working round the clock in the wax cabins

Frida Hansdotter and Killian Lochmatter have worked together for fourteen years, focusing on her ski boots. Lochmatter has learned everything about how the material behaves in different weather and surface conditions and what Hansdotter likes best. The small details can make or break a result, but it is equally important to not get caught up in them either.

– I have brought four, five pairs of ski boots for Frida with me, she doesn’t need more. She is very professional and has a lot of experience, so she knows exactly what she needs to perform at her highest level. She is confident and I hope she will win the slalom event, said Lochmatter.

Frederic Ottobon has brought thirty pairs of skis with him to prepare for Frenchman Victor Muffat-Jeandet during the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The skis are designed and developed with the Åre ski slope and conditions in mind and during the past seven years the two have worked closely together. Depending on the weather and the snow conditions the way the skis are constructed is what decides which pair to choose when it’s time to race.

Former World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist Bruno Kernen is a skier with a lot of experience. For him, the relation with his service person was vital for his success.

– It is incredibly important that your service man is motivated. They work around the clock for us, preparing the skis and adjusting details, said Kernen.

– We brought ten to twenty pairs of skis to a race, depending on the weather prognosis, and each pair needed to be prepared in the best possible way so we could make a decision about which ones to choose the day before a race, he concluded.

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