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The luge World Cup on natural track starts into the new season the upcoming weekend in Kühtai. "Full attack at the ice rally" is the motto of the world's best natural track tobogganists in Kühtai. The World Cup kick-off will take place this year on the so-called "Sonnenhang“ near the "Jagdschloss“.

Sports-Director Gerald Kammerlander: "On the 395-meter-long track the athletes find all types of technical sections: Steep and flat passages, narrow and wide turns. It's a really crisp track this year, with top speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour“.

Last year Greta Pinggera (ITA) won the women's competition in Kühtai, Thomas Kammerlander (AUT) the men‘s and Patrick Pigneter / Florian Clara (ITA) the doubles.
This year for the first time there will be a sports competition in the supporting program.

Celebrities compete in a combined luge and shooting evaluation. Among them are cycling double World Champion Laura Stigger, the former cycling-ace Thomas Rohregger, the former luge champion Andreas Linger, ice hockey crack Patrick Mössmer, ÖRV-President Markus Prock and many others. This showdown will take place on Sunday at 12.30 pm after the men’s final.

Friday, 14.12.2018
19.00 Team captains‘ meeting at TVB Kühtai (1st floor)

Saturday, 15.12.2018
09.30 st Training run men and women

11.10 2nd Training run men and women

12.50 1st Training run doubles 13.35 2nd Training run doubles

14.30 First run doubles

Sunday, 16.12.2018
09.45 Final run doubles followed by flower ceremony

10.10 First run women and men

11.40 Final run women followed by flower ceremony
12.05 Final run men followed by flower ceremony 13.30 Team competition followed by flower ceremony
ca. 14.00 Prizegiving

Subject to change

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