Racer Ready - changing the way our coverage can be accessed

Racer Ready has been reporting on competitive winter sport since 2000 and in that time there have been a lot of changes in the way sport has been covered. The Social Media was not even on the horizon when we started out and the ease of access to news coverage has changed in the last 15 years.

We value all the subscribers to the magazine, we have had to change the way our coverage is now sent out. From November 2017, we are only offering online coverage of winter sports.

In the modern day, fans and readers of winter sports news want to read about news, race reports, reviews on kit, promotions and interviews as soon as they can. We live in a media hungry world. It is for this reason that Racer Ready is now an online web based news outlet.

With all this in mind, the magazine will provide in-depth coverage from the World Cup with particular attention to the British racers when they are in the race. Interviews with British stars and other World Cup racers will only be available to subscribers.

Regular columns that have appeared in the magazine like Editors Rant will also be available to subscribers.

Watch out for exciting news regarding offers for Subscribers as the season approaches...

Subscriptions to the website will remain at £20



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