Bootfit 101 course

The Bootfit 101 course was developed to give instructors and coaches a working insight into the world of boot fitting. There is little or no equipment training within their training pathways due to time and more pressing areas, but we felt that everyone working with skier at whatever level should understand what goes into a ski boot fit. Currently this course is approved for 1-day CPD by both BASI and IASI

The course focuses on the process of boot fit from start to finish and breaks down the sections where changes can be made without having to visit the boot shop, and importantly knowing when a visit to the fitter is the only option.

Understanding the science behind assessment of the foot and ankle and how this translates to boot selection in terms of biomechanics and stance rather than just brand and flex. The Key fundamentals of the foundation of fit, what we use custom orthotic footbeds and how they are tailored to work with the individual foot.

Boot modifications can be the difference between comfort and pain, winning and losing and knowing what is possible will give an instructor/coach an insight into how their student can be assisted, from simple on hill fixes that can be done to test a theory to more major and permanent adjustments which can be the difference between the skier having a good day or wanting the give up all together.

Knowing how stance changes in a boot can affect how the skier will stand and knowing when to make these changes can again affect both comfort and performance, being able to educate the client on how to improve their specific situation and give better balance, sometimes with nothing more than a simple foam wedge and seeing how this can improve outcomes.

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