Charlotte Chable announces the end of her career

Charlotte Chable hasdecided at the age of 27 - after 35 World Cup starts and participation in the 2015 World Championships - to end her career as a ski racer.

As an athlete with undeniable talent, Charlotte Chable has repeatedly been thrown back from injuries since her World Cup debut in Flachau in January 2015. After another serious knee injury sustained in September 2020, she has taken time to think about her future. Finally, last May, Chable decided to continue her career. Despite her great motivation, it was difficult for her in the past few weeks of training to push her body to the limit and achieve the performance that she had hoped for.

"I didn't feel able to give 100 percent anymore. I wanted to try to come back after the last serious injury. But now I feel that my body is no longer ready to give everything and take the risks that it entails are connected to this sport, "said Charlotte Chable.

"It was a very painful decision that I had to make. But today I am ready to open a new chapter - and above all to take with me all the enriching experiences that I was able to make in the World Cup over the past few years and of which I have my whole Life will benefit. "

The Vaudois will now devote herself to studying communication sciences and other projects. "I don't know what the future has in store for me. But I know that there are some beautiful things waiting for me. I am going to do my bachelor's degree in communication and would like to take advantage of the opportunity to be anchored in the world of skiing in one way or another I like working with the media, I like everything that has to do with communication and the organization of events. So I could well imagine doing something in this area in the future. "

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