What to look for when looking at insurance for this winter

It’s post-lockdown, but the pandemic has not stopped in its tracks. Therefore there are still risks and yet I think we all want to start to do the things we love again, which for us includes travel and skiing. Although maybe not at the forefront of everyone’s minds, I think it’s safe to say everyone wants to get back to some kind of ‘normal’.

However, the implications of taking that next step to book a trip are riddled with questions and ‘what ifs’ – what if I contract the virus whilst overseas - what if I catch the virus before I go – what if the FCO advise I can’t travel – what if my booked accommodation is not accessible due to local restrictions, the list seems endless.

MPI has been a forerunner in providing quality insurance for those travelling abroad and in particular for skiers, where our lineage goes back to the 1950’s.

Insurance provides cover for ‘the unknown’, so if you had a policy in place and a trip booked prior to the confirmed pandemic and FCO warnings, then in theory there would have been cover under that policy for contracting the virus whilst overseas and again depending on the wording, cover for curtailment of your trip or cancellation of your trip prior to your departure date.


Although a known pandemic, the FCO has removed some of its travel restrictions, and therefore travel insurers have started to establish what they can and can’t cover moving forward, in order to try and help those wishing to head overseas or even planning a staycation. A few like MPI have negotiated some cover, others have remained on the ‘no cover at all’ fence and many have left the market completely – many of those were on comparison websites where good cover probably wasn’t their main selling point!

We at MPI can now provide cover for emergency medical expenses if the Insured were to contract the virus whilst overseas to a country where the FCO don’t advise against travel. This includes hospital costs, ambulance costs, additional accommodation costs (B&B) if travel home is missed and of course repatriation if it is medically necessary.

Unlike most other insurers, MPI can also provide a policy to travel where the FCO advises against travel, however currently this would not provide cover for anything related to the reason for the restriction. It would provide all the usual cover MPI offers for your skiing.

We hope this, along with many travel and ski companies extending the length of their cancellation scales, will go some way to give skiers the confidence to book holidays and travel again, now restrictions are lifting.

For all you keen skiers, under all MPI wintersports policies we can still offer cover for many ski related activities, including local ski racing and race training, cover in snow parks and for ski instructor courses and of course cover for skiing on and off piste with or without a guide.

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