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Giving for Sport is a grant making charitable entity that provides funding for sport. With HMRC Gift Aid eligibility now secured, they can help the multitude of amateur sporting causes that are so desperate for funding yet fall outside other charity’s scope. National Governing Bodies and UK Sport lottery funding is a brilliant, yet scarce, lifeline that only a select few receive.

The vast amount of amateur sports men and women find themselves faced with a seasonal panic about how far their self-generated funding will stretch, often having to pick and choose events based on their financial efficiency rather than sporting development! There are a frustratingly large amount of people in sport that are not able to offer Gift Aid or other tax efficient solutions to those who are so generous in their support.

There are literally thousands of personal crowd funding pages set up for amateur sport, none of which are eligible for Gift Aid. These pages actually cost the cause money due to the processing charges associated with them. For every £1 raised on such platforms, the cause will only receive around 97p.

Given Giving for Sport’s greater reach, there is no reason such pages could not now be routed through them and benefit from the uplift of Gift Aid. Such a minor change would increase the speed at which the target can be met by up to 15%.... almost TWO MONTHS less time fundraising!

This is just one of a number of fundraising methods that Giving for Sport can provide… They have partnered with charities and tech providers to ensure causes, donors and sponsors have the best possible user experience while using a model that allows ALL parties benefit from every available tax incentive, no matter their geographic or tax location.

Who are they & why do they do it? is the brainchild of Rufus Alcott. The team comprises of: Rufus, brother to ex GB winter Olympian Chemmy. Mark Scorgie, a stalwart of British skiing and a founding father of the Armed Forces Parasnowsport Team. Michael Spencer, the financial sage behind the scenes. Rufus and Mark’s long involvement in British skiing as athletes, support staff/coaches and fundraisers is complimented by Michael’s decades of qualified accountancy experience.

Why do they do it? Rufus: “The achievement of both the able bodied and para teams in South Korea cannot be underestimated. As many of the family and friends supporting the team will attest to, I shed many a tear of pride from the stands of PyeongChang!

We have a wealth of talent that will continue to be competitive at the very highest level in the run up to, and at, Beijing…it is those below the World Cup level that is the concern.

Menna Fitzpatrick was just 15 years old when Kelly Gallagher (now Tohill) took gold in Sochi! GB Parasnowsport should be immensely proud of how Menna’s talent was recognised and nurtured. Unfortunately, at present, such a support structure is not as clear for the next generation of British Parasnowsport athletes. British snowsport looks, and is, incredibly healthy at first glance – after a season of results the likes of this, who can argue that we will not be a force in Beijing? My concern is …as it stands, that may well be it.

We desperately need to address the need for grass roots and development path funding.
Mark & I have first-hand experience of how hard it can be to get financial support when you are starting out as athletes, parents and support staff. I witnessed my own sister fight to chase her dream for over 15years – it is a struggle but we can help! We know that Giving for Sport can help ease the burden of fundraising. We just need to get the word out there!”

Please click here for more information on how to apply for Giving for Sport’s help or leave them a donation

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