Auctioning off some history to help two British causes

Racer Ready have two items that will appeal to ski racing fans of any background. The two items are one off's and we believe will be highly sought after by ski racing fans! ...

We have a signed commemorative front cover showing Dave Ryding standing in the leaders enclosure during the second run after the Schladming World Cup Slalom. The poster is A3 size and Dave has signed the picture. We would like to auction this off to the highest bidder and the sum raised will go to the Craig MacFie Foundation ( for more information on the great work they are doing).

To place a bid for this unique picture along with Dave's start number from the Kranjska Gora World Cup Slalom, please send an email to with FRONT COVER in the subject box.

The silent auction will be run until 1 July 2015.

The second item we have is the start number worn by Marcel Hirscher for the Giant Slalom at Meribel in the World Cup Finals this year. It is not just any old number but the RED BIB worn by the Leader in the Discipline and Marcel has signed the bib as well. The money being raised from this auction will go towards helping Leon Sadler.

Leon Sadler is many things.

He is a 48 year old father of four children, a loving husband, a new grandfather, a Team Gilboa Ski parent, a USSA volunteer, a Minnetonka rugby coach, a cycling enthusiast, a past co-worker, and our much loved British friend.

He is also someone who really needs our help.

Leon has battled cancer since being diagnosed with MDS RAEB2 (pre-Leukemia) 2 years ago. He underwent a total of 5 bone marrow transplants, more than a dozen surgeries, and has accumulated more than a year of hospitalization. The University of Minnesota's medical team is helping Leon fight this battle with a tenacity that is both remarkable and awe inspiring. That's partly because of who they are, but its also because of who he is - a humble, grateful, and resilient individual.

During these challenging treatments, Leon has been unable to work and the Sadler family's financial resources have been exhausted. Leon's wife, his amazing Louise, has been attending to Leon full-time. As a result, the Sadlers have had no income for the past two years.

Even with medical insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses for Leon's treatments have been crippling. Out-of-network treatment options, like a vision-saving treatment for Leon at the Mayo Clinic, are unattainable due to their current financial situation. To complicate matters further, Leon has been out of the UK too long to receive social security or disability benefits and he hasn't worked in the USA long enough to receive benefits here.

Leon has impacted many of our lives through his generosity, his energy, his spirit and his selflessness. If he wasn't so stoic, he would have reached out sooner, but that's the way he is and we love him for it. So let's help him now. Let's be there for him and his family like he has been, or would be, for all of us.

To put in a bid for the MARCEL HIRSCHER bib, email with LEON SADLER in the subject box. Again this is a silent auction and is open until 1 July 2015.

There is no cost to enter either auction and a highest bid for both items will be posted each time it is bettered on this page.

Current highest bid for Dave Ryding front cover (in aid of Craig MacFie Foundation): £300

To donate to the Craig MacFie Foundation:

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Current highest bid for Marcel Hirscher bib (In aid of Leon Sadler): £250

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