Clean sweep for Eastern at the Tri Region

Eastern region won every trophy on offer at the Tri Region dual slalom event at Brentwood. 

The race started off in the morning with mini leagues that would determine what trophies each team would be going for in the knockout stage.

The short nature of the course meant that the start was key and no mistakes could be afforded. A few hiccups occurred for the top teams of each region with only the London and South East A team going into the knockouts unbeaten.

After the group stage the teams were drawn into the knockout stages for the afternoon. The top teams had to battle it out for the Tri region title, the second tier was put in the Plate and the third tier was in the Shield.

Pre race favourites Southern A, who had former All England champion Jimmy Greenwood in their ranks, were the first team to reach the semi finals after beating London C convincingly.

The major upset of the day was Southern B knocking out London A in the quarterfinals. London had an unfortunate binding release in the start gate for one of their racers meaning Southern B had an easy win.

Eastern A breezed past Southern C while Eastern B knocked out London B in the tightest quarterfinal race.

This meant both Southern and Eastern had to race their own A and B teams against each other in the semi finals. Each A team as expected defeated their B team opponents.

So in the final Eastern A and Southern A had to race over three legs to become Tri region champions.

The first leg was a narrow contest, Eastern A were narrowly ahead throughout the race until Greenwood, who was the last racer in the Southern A team, produced a blistering quick run to beat Nicole Shering. First win went to Southern A.

This meant Eastern A had to win the second leg to take the final to a third leg.

Starting racer for Eastern A was Jonathan Bingham, he had a fantastic start to put his team in a good position. This time the gap was too big for Greenwood to reel in and the last racer for Eastern A Shering crossed the line with a gate to spare. The final had to be decided by a third leg.

Southern were leading the last leg before penultimate racer Kristian Hook straddled the last gate of the course. Eastern A won the 2015 Tri region championship after a entertaining final.

Eastern also showed great strength in depth by winning both the Plate and Shield competitions too, capping off a great end to the season for the region.

Shering, who has had an impressive season individually on the dry slope circuit, expressed her delight at winning the competition: “It was a great event to end the season. The final was very exciting and I was honoured to be part of the winning ERSA team. Even if it was a real fight for victory!”

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