Can you help the future of the sport in the UK?

The Alpine Gathering held back in June caused a fair amount of stirring of opinion. As David Ryding and the rest of the Delancey British Alpine Ski Team prepare to get their seasons off and racing, focus returns to the thorny issue of funding. While British Ski and Snowboard announced more funding for members of the National Team in October, there is a real need for this issue to grabbed and brought to the front of the discussion table. ... 

Yes we all want more money for the sport. The reality of things at the moment means that various national bodies do not have the faith in the athletes to support the Alpine talent that is out there competing under the British flag.

Money is tight for all at the moment but if little donations can be made, these can add up to a large amount. If you can invest in the time to tell friends about of what is laid out below, the benefits will grow. We all enjoy the feeling of seeing British athletes do well, now is the time to sow the seeds to make this happen again.

So how can we go about this? How can you get involved?

The future success of the sport relies on keeping the athletes racing at the moment improving. This is about helping the current and next generation of racers and keeping the momentum going.

A Crowdfunding programme is being set up that will be geared towards the Alpine programmes. Money that is donated through this programme will be ring fenced for alpine training and development.

But this programme is not just a 'Give us your money' programme. The more involved you can get, the more the sport and the alpine programmes benefit. We need you to introduce your club, your friends, family and those who follow your children's racing to also join in and help. The more viral this can go, the better for the sport.

The Skiers Trust is getting behind the programme and offering the following:

- Each person who donates £10 with a gift aid form will receive a Skiers Trust Olympic Appeal Car Sticker.

- Each person who donated £10 three times in a day will automatically become an STGB member with voting rights and any concessions available to members.

- Each person who successfully gets 10 people to donate £10 or a total of £100 with gift aid will get a Skiers Trust Lapel badge.

- Each person who gets each of these ten to recruit ten more people i.e. 100 people donating a total £1000 will become a life member of the trust with full voting rights as well as an invitation to all trust functions such as the House of Lords Reception. Their name will be entered in the trust roll of honour on Facebook and the trust website.

All the money that is raised through this initiative will go direct to athletes.

Athletes looking to apply for money will need to contact Richard Berry by email at

To donate to this campaign, text SKIT14 £10 to 70070 to donate £10. You can donate £10 up to three times a day, to donate more please contact by email at


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